NOTE: All the following testimonials are genuine and unedited, as emailed to Simply Drinks by our clients. Full names have been withheld for privacy reasons.

I found my experience with Joanne and Simply Drinks was nothing less than outstanding, as it well and truly exceeded my expectations. From my first meeting with Joanne I felt that she was someone who was very intuitive and had an innate ability to understand people and relationships which immediately put me at ease and gave me a sense of confidence in her service. I was then introduced to some wonderful and well matched people, and I can truly say that I enjoyed every single introduction.

The quality of the people that I met was great and it was quite obvious to me that Joanne has been able to come up with the right mix of being able to attract quality people and then making very good matches between those people. I would highly recommend Simply Drinks as the best introduction service around which does meet its promises of ‘saving your time’ and ‘meeting quality like-minded people’. Some of the people that I met were truly exceptional and I am sure I would never have come across them without Joanne’s help.

Adrian Executive Manager

My focus until recently had been on establishing my career. I had reached a major milestone and was very happy with that, but when it came to celebrating with someone special, I realised how much I had sacrificed to get there. I had simply been too busy to meet people. I didn't have time to spend all kinds of unsuitables.

There are plenty of introduction services around, but they can be even more impersonal and time consuming than the bar scene.

I had heard of Simply Drinks and was curious about what made Joanne's services different to the rest. I was initially hesitant, even sceptical, but Joanne gains trust and confidence very quickly with her proven, discerning approach. 

It was all so simple and comfortable. No pressure. 

You deal with Joanne direct - not a computer, a call centre, or an inexperienced standard recruitment style assistant;

Joanne has a small and very discerning client list of quality, professional people. They are all very eligible, just too busy to get relationships together on their own;

Joanne genuinely is a ‘people person’. She is skilled at distilling quite quickly the type of person you are, and the type of person that you are likely to be compatible with;

She won't waste your time introducing for the sake of churning through her books if it's not right.

On my first visit to Joanne, she said she had three possible introductions, but one in particular that she was very keen for me to meet. I wanted to hear about all three, but she was so sure the person she had in mind was right, she asked that I meet this person before learning more about the others. Her strength of conviction on this one had me thinking she must be sure - why else would she not just go with the rest and hope for the best - this wasn't a sales gig.

I met this gentleman 'simply for a drink'. Before we knew it, three hours had passed and we were having dinner. He was every bit the person Joanne had described. There was no need to go back and enquire about the other available people, as she had matched this perfectly. Joanne has stayed in touch with keen interest over the months and was on our list of people to call when we recently announced our engagement!

Partner, Tier 1 National Accounting Firm.

As a 42 yo professional, my career can consume much of my time leaving me with little opportunity to meet single ladies outside of my professional circle. I found the Simply Drinks concept that Joanne has established to provide a relaxed and easygoing way to meet new ladies - what better way to meet someone than over a relaxed drink and chat. The simple effectiveness of the concept set me at ease immediately.

However, it is in the approach that Joanne adopts where I believe the real difference, the real value add of the Simply Drinks concept comes to the fore. The interview focus is highly attentive to building a picture of you as an individual and the type of people that you would like to meet. Joanne takes great care in understanding you as a person and then selecting matches that truly meet your criteria. And in my case, one of the ladies that Joanne introduced is now my fiance - we hit it off immediately and became engaged this year!!

Damien Investment Banker

Being in my own business operating seven days a week, I found my social life had taken a back seat, and work commitments were taking a lot of my time. To be honest I used work as an excuse for not being out there and I suppose keeping busy kept me from feeling lonely to a certain extent, that is the reality.

Anyway I stopped procastinating and met up with Joanne from Simply Drinks and was impressed with her criteria and the people she wanted to attract to her business. It was refreshing to have a laugh and be confident that you were going to meet some amazing people. I only joined a short time ago but have had some great times with a young lady and have no hesitation in recommending Joanne to anyone in my position, she is a natural at what she does.

kind regards Anthony Business Owner

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